Just what is eLearning?

Turns out eLearning is just what it sounds like: online learning. And here at SmartTeam it’s kind of our thing. We understand how important it is for businesses like yours to provide training to your team, but we also understand that what worked in the past was expensive, time-consuming, and ultimately more hassle than help.

At SmartTeam our eLearning solutions offer a smarter, simpler way to provide critical training on topics like leadership, computer skills, Microsoft Office, sexual harassment and more—all right from your computer, smartphone or tablet. That means no more endless searching for the right instructors, worrying about travel expenses for pricey out-of-town seminars, or juggling employee schedules to make sure everyone attends a training session.

And unlike some eLearning companies whose solutions just aren’t the right fit for your small or medium-sized business, SmartTeam eLearning training was developed just for you. From course enrollment to tracking student progress, SmartTeam is easy to access, easy to use, and delivers the world-class eLearning courses anytime, anywhere.

Like we said, eLearning is kind of our thing.