LMS and the Value of Learning Management

Nowadays it takes more than just hanging out a shingle—especially if you want to compete with the big guys—which is why the success of your small to medium-sized business has a lot to do with its ability to adapt to change and seize opportunities for growth and development. And in order to do that, you need to make sure you have the right tools for the job.

eLearning, or online learning, is one of those tools, and employers today recognize the value of providing ongoing learning opportunities for staff at all levels in order to ensure they have the necessary technical skills to improve both productivity and profit. So how do you, as an owner or administrator, manage it all? We’re glad you asked.

An LMS (or Learning Management System) is an online platform designed specifically to deliver and track learning content within an organization. Sometimes called a course management system, it offers 24/7 access to essential soft skills and technical skills courses to streamline employee training and development.

Here at SmartTeam we took it a step further with our innovative Learning and Performance Engine, which allows you to search for and assign courses as well as track employee training progress and tie it to long-term performance goals—all right from your computer, smartphone or tablet. Learning management has never been so simple!